fredag 30 maj 2014

Gardasil innehåller främmande DNA som kan leda till muteringar.

Oberoende lab har funnit contamineringar i Gardasilvaccinet.


Non-B DNA conformations are known to be associated with genetic mutations connected to over 70 serious diseases in human beings including polycystic kidney disease, adrenoleukodystrophy, follicular lymphomas, and spermatogenic failure, just to name a few.
Instead of investigating any potential problems which could be caused by injections of this new chemical compound, HPV vaccine proponents and government health officials chose to try and minimize the impact Dr. Lee’s discovery might make on HPV vaccination programs around the globe. Rather than conducting legitimate studies to determine the extent of potential risks, they chose to attack the messenger.

Med vetskapen om att det finns DNA i vaccinet som kan knytas till över 70 följdsjukdomar.... kan man då fortfarande säga att nyttan är en klar vinnare?

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