söndag 4 maj 2014

HPV vaccin orsakar CRPS i Japan

Kan det vara så att biverkningarna är relaterade till olika folkgruppers specifika DNA?

Kan de vara relaterade till den enorma mängd strålning som Japan utsatts för?


"The controversial decision to withhold a government recommendation for a cervical cancer vaccination was made based on a conclusion by experts struggling to determine the causes of serious side effects.
The health ministry suspended its recommendation on June 14 after nearly 2,000 complaints of side effects, such as prolonged pain and numbness.
The figure includes 357 serious cases, such as difficulties in breathing or walking and convulsions.
Ministry officials said there is currently no way to fully examine or explain the causes of the side effects.
The ministry plans to conduct further studies and decide whether to reinstate its recommendation in about six months.
An estimated 3.28 million women have been vaccinated, and more than half reported symptoms ranging from a swollen or reddened inoculation site to pain and fatigue.
The ministry suspended its recommendation based on a decision by a study group of five experts, but even they were at odds, with three supporting withholding the recommendation.
The focus of attention is complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), in which severe pain often spreads from a limb to other body parts. In serious cases, it becomes difficult to walk or move the arms. "

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