måndag 9 juni 2014

Bikarbonat humbug eller en första hjälpen produkt för medicinskåpet?

Ett tips för er som är intresserade av Bikarbonat...
Eftersom jag arbetat och bott i USA så blev jag bekant med Bikarbonat redan vid ankomsten. Fann mycket information om den i läkarböckerna som fanns på biblioteket daterade i slutet av 1800-talet och en bra bit fram på 1900-talet. Alla jag kände och umgicks med använde bikarbonaten på det sätt deras föräldrar lärt dem.
Vad som är viktigt när man gör sitt val till hemmet är att man väljer en sort som inte är beredd med aluminiumverktyg eftersom man funnit att bikarbonat drar till sig aluminium. Dr Oetker skall enligt uppgift inte använda aluminium vid sin tillverkning. Fråga tillverkaren innan du köper din bikarbonat.

Sodium Bicarbonate: Nature's Unique First Aid Remedy

I am very happy to announce the New York publication of my book on Sodium Bicarbonate. This is a milestone in my journey to change how medicine is practiced in the world. I am a man on a mission against the real terrorism in this world that comes from the medical industrial complex, which has no problem in killing one or two million people a year.
Dr. Barbara Star estimated that in the United States alone, which uses almost as many drugs as the rest of the world combined, that over one-hundred thousand people die from properly prescribed medicines. Dr. Gary Null added up all the unnatural deaths that can be laid down at the feet of the medical establishment. His numbers, in total, were over seven hundred thousand dead each year.
Sodium bicarbonate is one of the most basic medicines that is sold in supermarkets as a food. Its common name is baking soda and it costs next to nothing and outclasses almost every drug the pharmaceutical industry can come up with. Doctors and parents who ignore sodium bicarbonate as the excellent medicine it is are doing themselves and their children a great disservice.
This is a landmark book on medicine, which does not get any more basic, safe or effective. Yes its first aid for just about anything, you can think of but it is also an effective cancer medicine and dentists love using it to clean their patients’ teeth. Today the very best toothpastes also have sodium bicarbonate as a main ingredient.
My goal is to take this work to the mainstream and after next week’s book launch on Amazon.com on June 2, 2014 this book will finally be available for the very first time in hard-copy for everyone to keep at their fingertips as so many have been asking for.
On Monday, the Sodium Bicarbonate book goes on sale on Amazon and I invite all my readers to go over and purchase a copy so we can push the book onto the bestseller list. Clearly, this is a great addition to everyone’s library and makes a wonderful gift because it brings people into awareness with a substance that can ease their aches and pains and even save lives like it does routinely in the emergency and intensive care wards.
Special Note: The second edition of the Sodium Bicarbonate book Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment is available now in a Spanish edition in eBook form.

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