söndag 4 december 2011

Lite mer nyheter om droger för bokstavskombinationer


CHS brings you some recent US news from psychsearch.net about harmful mind altering psychiatric drugs being given to US children including children less than a year old.  Whilst the news about a report to be published today from the Federal Government’s Accountability Office focuses on foster children, the net of drug industry profiteering from harmful drugs given to US children and other children around the world is much wider and not limited to children in foster care.
When you read these stories ask yourself, “what about the children who are not in foster care getting these drugs?” and “What are doctors and psychiatrists playing at?  Can you trust them? Where’s the science?  Out to lunch?“ 
The Columbian drug cartels are like a corner store compared to these guys.  And don’t forget to visit The Institute for Nearly Genuine Research for some hard facts laced with humour about the barking mad world of the drug industry’s psychiatric drugs:-

Det gäller att börja i tid med att fördärva våra små barn. Vilken framtid är det vi skapar? Varför sätta barn till världen överhuvudtaget? Föräldrar som ger sina barn under ett år dessa droger borde spärras in.

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