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Vaccin och Autism information


The evidence is overwhelmingThimerosal and possibly other ingredients can cause autism. On February 25, 2008 an announcement came that even the Court of Federal Claims (the Vaccine court) agrees, as a family was awarded compensation from government (Dept. of Health & Human Services via US Assistant Attorney General Peter Keisler), in the case of a little 18 month old girl who immediately began a downhill neurologic horror shortly after receiving vaccines for 9 diseases in one visit to the doctor’s office. Two of the vaccines contained thimerosal.

“It was autism and much more, labeled by experts as regressive encephalopathy triggered by thimerosal in the vaccines. The child is permanently brain damaged. I saw nothing in the major media about this case. Rather strange isn’t it? The evidence has been there for decades. Thus far, 2000 people have received over 2 billion in compensation (our tax money) for thimerosal vaccine injuries.

“Their little girl’s case was profound and obvious. The more common scenario is the thousands who may have various types of brain damage which are not so severe and not so obvious: the ones which come on more slowly, several months or years later like ‘mild autism or mild ADHD’ or some mixture of mental or behavioral abnormalities.

“What a lot of people don’t understand . . . is that there can be several factors at work, not just mercury. Mercury is a deadly toxin but other factors can render it even more deadly. . . We never know which wicked mixtures [of toxic substances in vaccines] in combination may be producing neurologic disease. . . Medical ‘authorities’ would have you believe that certain diseases are clear-cut single events, black and white. The truth is that there are grey zones of disease which are hard to categorize.

“Vaccines aren’t just prone to produce autism; they have the potential to produce a variety of brain damage syndromes, mild to severe, depending on several factors embodied within the genetic + nutritional + environmental variables. Cleverly worded distortions in official press releases illustrate simply more ways that ‘lying with authority’ can fool you.”

“It is estimated that a flu vaccine injection yearly for five years running increases the chance for Alzheimer’s by at least 1000%.
Flu vaccine can also cause anxiety and depression preceded by brain inflammation especially in the elderly who have high suicide rates.

“In spite of these known risks with vaccines, there is an all out campaign by public health officials and doctors to vaccinate elderly people, not only with the flu vaccine, but with a growing number of new vaccines. Many people report that flu shots give them the flu. In fact, people die from flu vaccine. When the elderly die after getting a flu shot, especially if months later, it is rarely blamed on the flu vaccine. Deaths and disability from flu vaccine far exceed deaths from the flu. . .

“Flu vaccines are only effective in 30% to 40% of people who take them and even that is questionable. There has never been strong evidence of fewer hospitalizations or decreased death rate from taking flu vaccines. This is another example of fact distortion by authority in the effort to sell more flu vaccine.

Flu vaccine during pregnancy can dramatically increase the risk for autism and schizophrenia. Most flu vaccines contain mercury (thimerosal) and aluminum and could contain viral fragments. It could cause multiple side effects in the brain including paralysis, hearing loss, vertigo and brain irritability.

“Flu vaccine over-stimulates the immune system, especially the brain. In fact, it can suppress immunity for weeks after receiving the vaccine. . . In people who die from flu vaccine, and there certainly are a number every year, the actual cause of death has often been reported as due to some other type of disease, but in reality, their immune systems have been depressed, allowing other diseases to become more deadly.

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