onsdag 14 mars 2012

Gardasil risker överstiger fördelar?

A new medical study confirms what Judicial Watch exposed years ago about a controversial vaccine fast-tracked by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to protect against a sexually transmitted disease; that the risks far outweigh the purported benefits.
In fact, the unknown dangers of a life-threatening adverse reaction to the vaccine—known as Gardasil—far outweigh the known risks of contracting the disease, according to the medical study conducted by two reputable Canadian researchers. Since 2007 JW has investigated the Gardasil scandal and exposed droves of government records documenting thousands of adverse reactions associated with the vaccine, including paralysis, convulsions, blindness and dozens of deaths.
Manufactured by pharmaceutical giant Merck, Gardasil is promoted as a miracle shot that can prevent certain strains of cervical cancer caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Instead it’s been linked to thousands of debilitating side effects, according to the government’s own daunting statistics, exposed in the course of JW’s ongoing probe. Based on the records JW published a special report in 2008 detailing Gardasil’s approval process, side effects, safety concerns and marketing practices. Undoubtedly, it illustrates a large-scale public health experiment.
Now a medical study, conducted by the University of British Columbia’s Neural Dynamics Research Group, collaborates the alarming side-effects of a vaccine that’s been shoved down the throats of unsuspecting victims by government at every level. Some 20 states have passed laws requiring funding for Gardasil or education programs promoting it.  Among states that have enacted Gardasil-related measures are California, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Virginia, Maine and Utah. In all 50 states, tax dollars help pay for the costly shots ($360) because the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) makes them available through the federal Vaccines for Children program.
Before the Canadian study, first discovered by the Washington Examiner, there had been no solid medical research conducted on Gardasil. The newspaper cited it in a piece on Virginia rescinding its Gardasil mandate for pre-adolescent girls entering the sixth grade. The study lists the following Gardasil side effects: “Death, convulsions, paraesthesia, paralysis, Guillain–Barre syndrome, transverse myelitis, facial palsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, anaphylaxis, autoimmune disorders, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolisms and cervical cancers.”
The medical researchers also point this out in their report: “In the Western world, cervical cancer is a rare disease with mortality rates that are several times lower than the rate of reported serious adverse reactions (including deaths) from HPV vaccination.” In fact, the overwhelming majority (88%) of cervical cancer deaths occur in third world countries. 


·         Riskerna att drabbas av allvarliga biverkningar är större än riskerna för att få de sjukdomar som Gardasil sägs skydda.
·         Tusentals biverkningar har associerats till vaccinet, vissa livshotande.
·         Gardasil marknadsförs som ett mirakelvaccin som kan förebygga.  Kan tyda på storskaligt experiment.
·         Forskare påpekar i rapporten att livmoderhalscancer är en ovanlig sjukdom i västvärlden och att denna sjukdom har ett dödstal som är flera gånger lägre än inrapporterade biverkningar från HPV vaccineringarna.
·         Faktum är att 88% av dödsfallen i livmoderhalscancer sker i tredje världen.
·         Innan den kanadensiska studien presenterades i Washington Examiner så har det inte funnits någon gedigen/heltäckande forskningsstudie  på Gardasil att tillgå. Beslut har tagits ändå!


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