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Råttstudie, cancer och korruption

För er som följt den franska råttstudien och vill veta hur fortsättningen förlöper så rekommenderar jag er att läsa Global Research:s artikel:

Because of the power vested in the EU Commission in Brussels, Belgium, with command over a space encompassing 27 nations with more than 500 million citizens and the largest nominal world gross domestic product (GDP) of 18 trillion US dollars, it’s perhaps no surprise in this era of moral promiscuity that powerful private lobby groups such as the tobacco industry, the drug lobby, the agribusiness lobby and countless others spend enormous sums of money and other favors—legal and sometimes illegal—to influence policy decisions of the EU Commission.
This revolving door of corrupt ties between powerful private industry lobby groups and the EU Commission was in full view recently with the ruling of the European Food Safety Administration (EFSA) trying to discredit serious scientific tests about the deadly effects of a variety of Monsanto GMO corn.

Cancer of Corruption

In September 2012, Food and Chemical Toxicology, a serious international scientific journal, released a study by a team of scientists at France’s Caen University led by Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini. Before publication the Seralini study had been reviewed over a four-month period by a qualified group of scientific peers for its methodology and was deemed publishable.
It was no amateur undertaking. The scientists at Caen made carefully-documented results of tests on a group of 200 rats over a two-year life span, basically with one group of non-GMO fed rats, a so-called control group, and the other a group of GMO-fed rats.
Significantly, following a long but finally successful legal battle to force Monsanto to release the details of its own study of the safety of its own NK603 maize (corn), Seralini and colleagues reproduced a 2004 Monsanto study published in the same journal and used by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for its 2009 positive evaluation of NK603.
Seralini’s group based their experiment on the same protocol as the Monsanto study but, critically, were testing more parameters more frequently. And the rats were studied for much longer—their full two year average life-time instead of just 90 days in the Monsanto study. The long time span proved critical. The first tumors only appeared 4 to7 months into the study. In industry’s earlier 90-day study on the same GMO maize Monsanto NK603, signs of toxicity were seen but were dismissed as “not biologically meaningful” by industry and EFSA alike. It seems they were indeed very biologically meaningful.
The study was also done with the highest number of rats ever measured in a standard GMO diet study. They tested also “for the first time 3 doses (rather than two in the usual 90 day long protocols) of the Roundup-tolerant NK603 GMO maize alone, the GMO maize treated with Roundup, and Roundup alone at very low environmentally relevant doses starting below the range of levels permitted by regulatory authorities in drinking water and in GM feed.
Artikeln fortsätter.................

Karuselldörrar som döljer hemliga ingredienser, livsmedelssäkerhet och korruption, eller?

Denna karuselldörr av korrupta band mellan mäktiga privata grupper, industrin, lobbynisterna och EU-kommissionen var i fullständig vy nyligen med domen från Europeiska livsmedelssäkerhet Administration (EFSA) försöker misskreditera seriösa vetenskapliga tester om de dödliga effekterna av en mängd olika Monsanto GMO majs .

Misstänkt nog hade Monsanto vägrat upprepade vetenskapliga krav att publicera de exakta kemikalier som används i Roundup bortsett från en-glyfosat. They argued that it was a “trade secret.” Independent analyses by scientists indicated, however, that the combination of glyphosate with Monsanto's “mystery” added chemicals created a highly toxic cocktail that was shown to toxically affect human embryo cells in doses far lower than used in agriculture. [8] De hävdade att det var en "affärshemlighet". Oberoende analyser av forskare visade dock att kombinationen av glyfosat med Monsantos "mysterium", tillade kemikalier skapade en mycket giftig cocktail som visade sig toxiskt påverka mänskligt embryo celler i doser avsevärt lägre än används i jordbruket.

Fanns det någon förevändning av vetenskapliga ansvar i klart korrupta EFSA-panelen, eller professor Glover kontor, skulle de omedelbart ha kallat för flera oberoende liknande långsiktiga studier på råtta för att bekräfta eller vederlägga Seralini resultaten. They and the Monsanto GMO lobby influencing them clearly had no desire to do anything but try to slander the Seralini group with vague accusations and hope the obedient international media would take the headline and close the embarrassing story. De och Monsanto GMO lobbyn påverkar dem tydligt hade ingen lust att göra något annat än att försöka förtala Seralini gruppen med vaga anklagelser och hoppas de lydiga internationella medier skulle ta rubriken och stäng pinsamma historien. It was typical of the entire history of the spread of patented GMO seeds and paired toxic herbicides like Roundup. Det var typiskt för hela historia spridningen av patenterade GMO-utsäde och parade giftiga ogräsmedel som Roundup.

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