måndag 14 mars 2011

Kvicksilver/mercury i vaccin


After presenting nearly an hour of evidence about the KNOWN dangers of mercury and its ultimate affect on "population growth," this clip goes to the question: Is there any evidence they are doing it on purpose? --Is there any evidence the mercury in the vaccines serves another goal? David Ayoub explains that Thimerosal (Thiomersal) is a preservative in our vaccines comprised of mercury and could be the cause of many so called mental disorders, such as Autism. Detailed facts about the effects of mercury on the human body will make you wish youd skipped that last vaccine. Quotes from this video I want to introduce you to the villain in this story. This is Thimerosal, which is ethyl mercury, its an organic mercury. Its used as a preservative in vaccines. Its an Eli Lilly trademark theyre still making money on this until 2010.. they no longer manufacture it but they have a license agreement on this. What is in the solution of the vaccines look like a very small amount .01% and that really put a lot of regulators to sleep they say well its just a small amount it contains 25 micrograms (mcg) of mercury. Still sounds like a pretty small number. Let me give you a perspective. Water contamination with mercury is defined in parts per billion. 2ppb means that the water is not usable toxic waste, if it has 200ppb, its defined as toxic waste. Fish, about 1000ppb EPA will allow over that its inedible. Vaccines have 50,000ppb. If a doctor dropped the vial on the floor it would be toxic waste, yet theyre comfortable injecting this into infants. An interesting study done by a parent physician, and this makes sense, want to know if mercury poisoning is autism, just study all the cases of mercury poisoning and study all the cases of autism and compare the list. Its not real hard science, but its practical and its a place to start. There were 181 papers reviewed of either autism or known mercury poisoning.. organic mercury, not ethyl most of these were methyl which is very close chemically the kind in fish for example. There is over 100 traits. This is physiological, biochemical, anatomical you name it that are in common. I mean, we have some enormous similarities between mercury poisoning and autism. And these, twins just for fun I made a list, to your left, of how many traits I can make anyone believe these twins were twins..were the same thing. I came up with 18. I couldnt come up with any more traits. So over 100 features its not hard science, but its a start.


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